Injustice Boycott and #NoDAPL

Many of us in Humboldt feel the need to support members of our community who may be affected by the increase in racist tension already being experienced across the country as a result of the election of Donald Trump. Our hearts might be in the right place, but what can we do?

An opportunity now presents itself. Noted journalist Shaun King has announced a Montgomery-bus-type boycott focused on three U.S. cities where we see some of the ugliest manifestations of racism and oppression.

Phase 1 of the boycott (December 5th – January 16th) was timed to begin on the anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycott started by another King, the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Shaun King’s call to boycott could very well deliver an historic impact equal to the original.

San Francisco and New York

Two of the three targeted cities, San Francisco and New York City, while enjoying a liberal reputation, have painful records of police violence. Officials in both cities have specific goals, set by local activists and concerned citizens. Go to and subscribe to keep up with the daily emails of very doable actions that we can all participate in.  If city officials do not make headway on these specific goals before January 16th, the actual boycott will begin. Once substantial progress has been made, the boycott will be lifted. Another city will then take its place in the boycott’s cross hairs. The boycott will last as long as necessary to make our cities safe for all residents. And, it’s worth noting that all precautions will be taken to decrease risks to, and even improve, the local economy of the affected cities.

Standing Rock

Standing Rock, Water Protectors

But there is a third city, Standing Rock, at the center of the boycott efforts. Beginning immediately, the boycott calls for a divestment of all funds from the banks which fund the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Shaun King spells it out:

“A DeFund DAPL movement is already fully underway and we encourage you to join it. While the decision by the Army Corps of Engineers was a start, the best way to ensure that this pipeline is stopped, is to hit it where it counts — in its funding. Remove your money from all banks that are supporting the pipeline and tell them that you will never bank with them again if they continue to fund this ugliness.

“While we are now on a 43-day countdown in San Francisco and New York City, we are asking that you actually make the serious decision to help DeFund DAPL today. We must move to support Standing Rock now.”

So please join us. Help us mobilize our community to divest now. Look at the list of banks at the bottom of this post which have invested in DAPL. Do you have a bank account with one of them? You could withdraw your money. Have a mortgage with one of those financial institutions? Refi with a local bank. Have a credit card with a DAPL financier? Same thing. Switch. Below is a list of financial institutions invested in DAPL. Tell them to divest. And explain to them that if they do not, you will pull your money!

We also listed the local banks and credit unions you can use when you make a switch.

Perhaps you are already in a local bank or credit union? Congratulations! Tell your friends. NCPA held one door-to-door mobilization — we will have more.

We may need to do more to reverse climate change, but this is an excellent step in the right direction!

Here are the banks (with local offices) invested in DAPL:

  • Bank of America
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • U.S. Bank
  • Wells Fargo

And here are local financial institutions to support:

  • Coast Central Credit Union
  • Provident Credit Union
  • Redwood Capital Bank
  • Umpqua Bank
  • Tri Counties Bank

For more information, go to: Already over $28million has been divested.

And if you haven’t signed up already, here is the link to Injustice Boycott: Already over 200,000 have signed up! Let’s put Humboldt County on the right side of history!

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