7/14/2017 Action Alert for Eureka!

Attention friends — your quick action is needed!

Eureka City Manager Greg Sparks is scheduled to appoint an interim police chief for Eureka next week, and we at NCPA think the public deserves to have some input. Rumors are swirling about potential candidates, and we want to be sure that both the interim (and permanent) chief reflects this community’s values and serves our interests.

Please take a few minutes today to call the City Manager, as well as all City Council Members, to respectfully demand the following, in your own words:

  • That the decision regarding an interim chief appointment be delayed a short while to allow for community input (and that they proactively seek out that input from all sectors of our community);
  • That the person chosen as interim chief be someone of good moral character with a clean record and a proven history of trustworthiness; and
  • That the process to select a permanent police chief be open, transparent, and inclusive – ideally with help from a task force representing a broad spectrum of interests and populations, including those most at risk – immigrants, low income folks, youth, homeless, women, and people of color.

Contact information:

Thanks, and onward to the future we deserve!

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