North Coast People's Alliance is a hub of organizing activity for Northern California. We advocate for economic, environmental, and social justice, with a particular focus on local progressive electoral issues. We are not aligned with any political party; rather, we seek common ground on issues that transcend partisan politics.

Steering Committee and Action Teams

Voting members of the NCPA elect a seven-member Steering Committee, and, in tandem with the Steering Committee, create Action Teams, which are the heart and soul of the work we do together.

Currently we have three action teams, all open to new volunteers. They are the Political Resources Team, the Recruitment and Training Team, and the Political Accountability Team.


The North Coast People’s Alliance evolved from Northern Humboldt for Bernie, a grassroots movement that helped Bernie Sanders capture a whopping 70 percent of Humboldt’s Democratic primary vote in June 2016.

Renaming ourselves the North Coast People’s Alliance, we have gone on to battle for local issues and candidates in support of economic, environmental and social justice.

In 2016, the NCPA endorsed Measure V (mobile home rent control in unincorporated Humboldt County), Measure P (true ward elections in the city of Eureka), and Eureka City Council candidate Austin Allison, helping all three to ballot box victories in November.

Building on that success, in spring of 2017 we adopted bylaws and elected our first Steering Committee.