NCPA is a 100% volunteer organization. We simply cannot do what we do without volunteers, and lots of them!

The first step in getting involved is to start attending some meetings, actions, or other events, so check out our calendar of events and come say hello in person.

Want to learn more about how you can plug in to our work? Read on...

NCPA Action Teams exist to promote and support the following desired impacts of our organization’s work:

  1. We will work to ensure that progressives take over local government with majorities on all elected and appointed bodies, and we (members of the movement) will work to hold officials accountable.
  1. Every resident is empowered to volunteer, lead, and impact their communities. We link a variety of groups/causes, and amplify the impact of each.

We currently have three active action teams, as described below -

1. Political Resources Team

Purpose: Create tools and resources necessary to enable progressive candidates and initiatives to succeed.

Current Project(s):

Create voter database.

Create elected/appointed positions database.

Neighborhood canvasses.

Contact Person:

Carrie Peyton-Dahlberg -

2. Recruitment & Training Team

Purpose: Recruit and train potential candidates, campaign workers, and community leaders.

Current Project(s):

Plan and promote June 2017 educational event for potential candidates and campaign workers.

Contact Person:

Chris Niehaus -

3. Political Accountability Team

Purpose: Hold government officials accountable.

Current Project(s):

Host weekly Power (to the People) lunches at the Labor Temple.

Contact Person:

Tamara McFarland -

In addition, the following two committees exist to support the operational aspects of keeping our organization functioning smoothly -

1. Fundraising Committee

Purpose: Raise money and build relationships with supporters.

Current Project(s):

Create online donation portal.

Solicit one-time and recurring donations.

Contact Person:

Tamara McFarland -

2. Media & Public Relations Committee

Purpose: Promote and represent NCPA projects and interests in public venues - online, in print, and in person.

Current Project(s):

Improve social media presence; develop criteria/protocol for posting.

Cultivate spokespeople for NCPA.

Provide letter writing opportunities for volunteers.

Contact Person:

Helene Rouvier -